Senior PHP/LAMP Developer

Here at Commer we specialize in B2C/B2B e-commerce, enterprise systems integrations, as well as member and customer database management. Due to our strong track record of success, we have attracted a number of star clients over the years including The Running Room, Coaches Association of Canada, Worldlynx Wireless, Caroline Neron, La Cordée, and Compass Canada. We're happy to report that the list keeps growing and we need to expand our team.

In this role (Senior Developer) you will work alongside Project Management staff and our Development group to facilitate the delivery of solutions for key clients. You will have direct input into the design of each solution as well as a chance to suggest, and implement, upgrades to existing code.

We're based in Toronto, Canada and have full time staff who telecommute from around the globe. If you're an exceptional individual with the right skill set and attitude looking for a full time position with a mid-sized (~20 employees), successful software company where every employee plays a key role ... then we are looking for you.

A few key points you should know if you're hoping to join our team:

  • We are dedicated to our work and clients but we understand balance. Probably better than most. That's why we've engineered a work environment that caters so perfectly to our life styles.
  • We give great value - we're careful with our work, pay attention to details and scope creep really IS a dirty word around here.
  • People make IT happen, ours are smart and have great ideas.
  • Experience - Commer has been around since 1994. Yup, do the math - we weren't building web sites that first year.
  • We're nice. You'll enjoy working with us!
  • Responsibilities:

  • Review client requests and participate in requirements gathering phase to provide feedback prior to development.
  • Produce brief functional design overview for client and co-worker review.
  • Develop or update code as per approved requirements.
  • Participate in training, documentation and delivery efforts.
  • Participate and lead, when needed, (technical) project meetings with clients.
  • Provide high level support for key clients and project managers.

  • Required Skills:

  • BSc in Computer Science, Computer Programming diploma, or equivalent.
  • 4+ years of experience with LAMP
  • Experience with Magento or similar e-commerce applications
  • Knowledge and understanding of Web Service technologies for integration purposes (SOAP and RESTful)
  • Experience with working with client side components (CSS, Javascript)
  • Familiarity with Agile project methodology and practices
  • Experience with web security and exploit prevention (XSS, SQL Injection prevention, etc).
  • Knowledge of best practices for OOP
  • Experience with software validation/testing practices

  • Nice to have:

  • Experience with at least one PHP framework (Zend, Mojavi, Symfony, CakePHP, etc)
  • Experience with mobile technologies (native and web)
  • Intimate knowledge of DOM and the HTTP protocol
  • Knowledge of networking protocols (TCP/IP)
  • Knowledge of Angular JS
  • Experience with technologies outside LAMP (.NET, Java, etc.)

  • NOTE: This is a full time (~40 hrs/wk) telecommute role. Commer is based in Toronto and our work hours are predominantly 9 am to 5 pm [ET] but we are always willing to bring on new staff from outside Toronto.

    How To Respond: Use our Careers form to send your contact information. If you can, provide a link to your resume/cv and portfolio. If that's not possible, we'll reach out to you with an email address you can reach us at. You should describe at least 2 projects you have recently been involved in (with links if possible).